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Welcome to NZAN

Please note that this NZAN website [2001-2013] is now a free-access information resource. NZAN is not currently active as a national group.

The New Zealand Addison's Network (NZAN) was formed in 1996.

Jeanette Crossley led the evolution of NZAN, initially as a trio with Jill Cheer and Hugh Douglas, and also with an evolving team of regional co-ordinators. She encouraged and participated in regional meetings, and produced the newsletters and guidelines until 2007, when multiple health issues necessitated that she first reduce her involvement, and then in 2011 retire as national coordinator.

Gary Roselli, regional coordinator for the Wellington region since the beginning, has retained an active role in helping people with Addison's disease, nationwide. Gary can be contacted by clicking on the button. More information about NZAN and its origins can be found here.

The NZAN website was launched in 2001, thanks to web designer Tony Rosoman.

The newsletters, guidelines, medical advisor files, and members' stories through 2007 can all be downloaded, and contain a wealth of information, still very relevant in 2013, about living healthily with Addison's Disease. There's no search engine on the site, but a comprehensive Topics Index can be downloaded.

Advances in computer technology meant the original site no longer displays correctly on newer hardware. Some redesigning by our web designer has corrected those problems, and offers user-friendly browsing more appropriate to 2013 and beyond.

If you encounter any difficulties displaying or navigating the site, please contact Tony, our web designer.

We hope this information resource may soon be linked to a new online active resource for people within New Zealand with Addison's disease.

What is Addison's?

Addison's disease is the result of failure of the adrenal glands to produce their normal steroid hormones. Daily medication to replace these hormones enables a relatively normal lifestyle.

Addisonians need sound information for best quality of life. And, because it's rare, Addison's disease is a lonely disorder.


That's why the New Zealand Addison's Network (NZAN) was formed in 1996. Membership is now more than 150 (January 2006).

We aim to send three newsletters per year to members and to all endocrinologists and endocrine clinics in New Zealand. We also exchange newsletters with overseas groups.

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